Hi! I’m Joe Galante. 

I have always played music. It is an essential part of who I am. 

My style is Classic Rock Nouveau. I enjoy screaming electric guitars as well as the sound of solo acoustic music. I am the song writer, musician, and producer of all music on JMGalanteMusic.com. 

As the song writer I chose my lyrics to relay a message matching the music. All of the music is written by me and most of the music is played by me. I do have session musicians on several pieces, as well as, session vocalist on several pieces. 

The music was recorded at Kat Shiz Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am the mix engineer. All songs are mastered and copyrighted. 

My musical influences are varied. The guitarists range Wes Montgomery to EVH. I enjoy all genres of music from Classical to Jazz to Country to Soft Rock to Metal to Classic Rock to Rap. Vocalist I admire range from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles to Linda Ronstadt to Steven Tyler. Band-wise, it was everything from the Animals to ZZ Top. 

I don’t like things that are too polished or trying to be perfect. I like everything in life a little rough around the edges. Music should be felt as much as it is heard. If the medium is the message - then music is mine. 

I hope you enjoy this first album.